In this Shockwave Solutions, LLC podcast episode, Emma and Travis are joined by Damon Wright & Ryan Poteet of Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani as they help navigate tons of compliance topics from Price Gouging during COVID-19 and FDA/FTC complaints to better ways to navigate marketing claims without landing in jail or spending massive amounts on legal fees.

Stick around to the end to hear about a simple way to dramatically speed up marketing launch and also eliminate 50% of common legal review expenses.

About Shockwave Solutions:

Travis Gomez and Emma Rainville

Travis Gomez and Emma Rainville

Duo Travis Gomez and Emma Rainville, co-founders of Shockwave Solutions, LLC have experience in advising companies on operations, logistics, finance, merchant accounts, and strategic planning.

Shockwave Solutions works with clients to design and implement strategies, solutions, and systems that increase revenue through creating or optimizing the client’s direct marketing campaigns. They also maximize profitability by evaluating and restructuring (if necessary) operational systems and solutions. They carefully select clients to ensure they create unparalleled value through each interaction.

At Shockwave, glossy off the shelf presentations and abstract visions are definitely not their style. Because they provide immediately implementable solutions that help company’s hit their business goals.

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