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The Pit Stop – The Pit Stop is where you will find supplemental (or bonus) educational information and materials, mini courses and other resources to help you with traffic building, email list building, personal productivity, mental/emotional health, media buys, and much much more. These materials are all authored by various experts and not by Strategy Overdrive.

Business / Finance & Organization

Business Budgeting and Financial Management

Creating a working business budget and financial management plan for your online business is of utmost importance. Not only is it necessary for tax purposes but it also allows you to make business decisions based on the facts rather than guestimates. This download includes a comprehensive guide to business budgeting and financial management, as well as spreadsheet templates, worksheets and checklists.

Google Analytics Explained
Step by Step to Organization

The purpose of this book is not just to tell you how to clean your home or desk so that everything is where you can find it, but also how to organize your life so that it is easy to manage and you do not feel overwhelmed.

This book will teach you how to organize every aspect of your life – from your home, your work and even your life.

Worksheet, Checklist and To-Do List Printable Templates

Printables come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of uses, many of which can help you streamline processes, make quick work of completing tasks and increase profits.

What are printables? Printables are things designed for the purpose of downloading and printing such as; color pages, art projects, patterns or designs, planners, spreadsheets, journals and calendars. They can also be worksheets, checklists and to-do lists.

Business / Leadership

Be a Better Business Leader

Napoleon once said: “One bad general does better than two good ones.” It takes a moment for the sense of this to register, but it is the same as our modern saying that “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Having one set of instructions, even if they are flawed, is preferable to having two sets of perfect directions that, when enacted together without reference to each other, cause havoc.

This is the principle of leadership in a nutshell. It is all about maintaining focus and creating positive outcomes.

Content Marketing & Branding

55 Ways to Repurpose Your Content (plus Templates)

Repurposing content simply means that you repackage the content you’ve created into something new by changing the intended recipient, the format the content appears in, or by combining it with other content.

You can use the content you create from scratch or the content you purchase from a PLR seller more than one time, in many ways, depending upon the terms of service for the content you buy. This increases the value of the content you have.This download package includes 55 Ways to Repurpose Your Content and a slew of templates you will find very useful

Content Branding and Monetization Templates

Every week you write, post, and share content. From blog posts to tweets, from reports and downloads to email messages, you’re communicating with your audience, leads, and customers. You’re sharing a message.

If that message is consistent, then people start to develop trust and expectations. They learn who you are and what you are able to provide them. If your message is inconsistent, then your audience is left confused and unsure of who you are and where you stand. This confusion generally leads to them leaving your fold, or never entering it in the first place.

Infographic Templates, Worksheets

Infographics are a great way to present data in a visually appealing way. They help simplify complex information. They can condense information into a short, brief overview. They can illustrate a process, explain hierarchies, engage audiences and so much more. In a nutshell, infographics help people understand data better.


30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips

Increase Your Sales Copy’s Conversion Rate By Making Minimum Changes That Deliver Maximum Impact!

Copywriting Influence Ebook

A step-by-step guide on how to become more influential at copywriting.

Copywriting Templates

11 Copywriting templates to help you get started!

Funnel Optimization

Sales Funnel Mastery

You have likely heard the expression that owning your own product is the key to making real money online. That is true for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons why that is true is because, if you own the product, you can create a sales funnel that you control and you profit from at 100% (or whatever amount you choose in regards to your affiliates, etc.). If you don’t own the product, then you can’t control the sales funnel, and you don’t profit from any additional sales made through that funnel.

List Building & Management

Essential List Building Guides & Templates

Building a prospective customer list is one of the most important business activities every entrepreneur should make a priority. As soon as they launch their business, they should start to grow their list, and then try to grow that list a little every day or week in a number of ways. This download contains 24 essential templates, guides and documents to help you build your list quickly and effectively.

How to Use Social Networks to Build a List

Social networks have made building and widening your social contacts extremely easy. In the past, you might have had to attend numerous functions and paying for gas, food, and clothing just to show up and hand out a few business cards that later got tossed. With online social networking, the costs of networking are zero, but the rewards are immeasurable.

List Building Profit Kit

How to build a profitable and responsive email list.


100 Contest Marketing Secrets

This ebook will give you 100 contest marketing secrets. A contest could even be called a challenge, competition, game, tournament, etc. Holding a contest is a powerful way to gain new prospects and customers. They will visit your web site, opt-in to your list, promote your products or any beneficial action that will help your business just for a chance to win a
prize. Plus, if you make a copy of your product as the prize and they don’t win it, they may end up buying it later anyway. This ebook will give you tons of ideas for different types of contests and prizes.

Client Acquisition Templates

We all need to new clients to make our businesses a success. It’s important that you have a way to get and retain customers, no matter what size your business is or how many clients you want. And you need a way to do that that can be done quickly and easily. Using templates for your communications is one way.

Marketing Campaign Project Management Templates

Everything you need to plan, manage and execute an effective and profitable marketing campaign project including ad templates, worksheets, budget template, campaign tracking template, content and graphics creation project specs.

Newsletter Templates

Email marketing has been and will continue to be one of the most important pieces of a successful business. Email gives you the opportunity to gain the trust of your followers, to showcase your expertise and to build long-term relationships with readers.

While the concept of email marketing is the same as it’s always been, how you approach it changes as new technologies come into play and we learn more about what readers really want from those they choose to follow.

Offer & Product Creation

Information Product Creation Templates

An information product is a product that gives customers information they want on a particular subject. For example, a cookbook on the topic of easy breakfast ideas is an information product. It provides information about breakfast recipes to readers so they can implement what the writer has shared. That’s just one example. You can create information products on any topic. This download contains a ton of info product templates, guides, checklists, planners and worksheets.

Online Summits & Events

Online Event & Summit Planning Templates

An online summit is a virtual conference. Launching your own summit is a great way to build your email list, network with other industry names, and grow your authority. It can also help you level up your business, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck lately. This download includes a wide variety of templates, guides, planners, and worksheets to help you plan your online event or summit.


Supercharged Productivity

Ask any successful business or individual out there, and I’m sure they will tell you higher levels of productivity are a crucial aspect in ensuring revenue growth and achieving success.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ad Templates, Guides, Worksheets

According to recent stats, Facebook has 1.94 billion users. Although there aren’t official numbers released, it’s estimated that Facebook makes over 4 billion dollars each year from advertising. These two stats mean that Facebook is the ideal place to advertise your business. This download contains a large selection of templates, guides and worksheets to help you with your Facebook advertising efforts.

Facebook Retargeting Secrets

In short, retargeting allows you to advertise more than once to the same people that have previously engaged with your brand – even spent time on checkout pages, or having added specific items to their shopping cart.

The best part is that Facebook actually goes beyond the likes of Google by offering an even more powerful version of this feature – letting you remarket in numerous different ways, to numerous different types of lead and customer.

Guide to Instagram Ads (plus Templates)

It’s is one of the fastest growing social media platforms for bloggers and influencers. It’s showing mega growth in potential revenue for advertisers as well. With over 800 million monthly active users, it’s no secret Instagram is a powerful tool for promoting your brand and connecting with audiences.

It’s reported by that Instagram will bring in over $6.84 billion in ad revenue by 2019. That’s a big slice of revenue for any business. If you’re company is ready to join the millions of companies already using Instagram ads to reach audiences and promote products, you need to know how to create Instagram ads.

Insider’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

With everyone from seniors to teenagers and millennials uploading and viewing photos and videos, and with over 100 million daily users… It’s not hard to see why Instagram is now a social media force to be reckoned with.

Since 2015, Instagram has been considered the “king of social engagement ” and it’s easy to see why. According to Nate Elliot of Forrester Research, Instagram produces 29 percent more engagement than Facebook, and a whopping 60 percent more than Twitter. This download includes an in-depth guide to marketing on Instagram, as well as useful checklists, strategies and a daily planner.

Instagram Ads Success

The complete beginner’s guide to successful advertising on Instagram.

Social Media Traffic Plan

Comprehensive guide to using social media to get targeted website traffic.

Traffic Generation

How to Use Your Blog to Generate Leads

No matter what you may be selling or promoting, a blog is a tool to enable you to get those leads. Since there are millions of potential customers available to you online, you likely want to attract as many of them as possible to your website, where you can promote your product or service and get sales.

Social Media Traffic Plan

Comprehensive guide to using social media to get targeted website traffic.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Results Templates

One of the most effective tools in a content marketer’s arsenal is video. That’s because 43% of consumers prefer video content. Over 50% of marketers share that they see the biggest return on investment with video. This means that video is not only popular with consumers; it’s also a great way to grow your content marketing skills. This download has a nice variety of templates to use in your video. marketing efforts.

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