East 5th Avenue Superstar, Lenee Gill takes you through a comprehensive overview on how to start a successful affiliate program, including finding quality affiliates. This one is a must watch!

BONUS: Download the companion PDF presentation – Basic Building Blocks of an Affiliate Program

About East 5th Avenue & Lenee’ Gill:

Lenee’ Gill is the Head of Business Development and Client Strategy at East 5th Avenue.

East 5th Avenue is a high-end boutique affiliate management training academy and agency that has served many influencers, major brands, direct response email marketers, and e-commerce companies. Their training and coaching has covered virtually every sector, from health and wellness to financial to education and beyond.

In the last three years alone, East 5th Avenue generated $67 million in agency affiliate revenue and over 8 million leads (acting as the sales team for clients) and$320 million in affiliate revenue for their coaching clients (coaching and training their clients’ in-house teams).

East 5th Avenue has also created the only comprehensive training platform and membership community for companies looking to build, grow, or scale their in-house affiliate programs.

Want to start or grow your affiliate program?

Email: lenee@east5thavenue.com

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Check Out Traffic Tribe at www.traffictribe.com (Ask me about a FREE 7 Day Trial!)

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