This is far from complete, but it is a solid start!

  1. Be respectful at all times – if someone ticks you off – walk away until you can respond with tact and respect. (One of the harder lessons for me!)
  2. Don’t always assume you know what someone meant in a skype/text message or email. Text simply does not convey intent and emotion the same way voice and face-to-face do. Without tone of voice, facial expressions and body language cues, it is VERY easy to misinterpret what someone is saying. If it’s something that hits you wrong, there’s nothing wrong with ASKING what the other person meant. Don’t react – THINK.
  3. Organization is essential. There’s all types and kinds and tools and reasons to stay organized. But, for me, hands down the most important is organizing email. Emails get lost in the inbox soooo easily, and answering email in a timely fashion is HUGE for us as affiliate managers.
    1. Every partner I work with has a folder in my email client and *every single piece* of email we’ve ever exchanged goes in that folder AFTER it’s been handled. My inbox is my ‘to do’ list of sorts. If it’s in my inbox, I have yet to handle it. That helps keep my inbox clear and it’s a god-send when looking for previous communication with a partner.
  4. If you’re shy, get over it (lol) or pretend you got over it – whichever works. Ask questions, be personable, interact whenever and however you can. When someone posts in the group (or on any biz forum you’re a member of) “hey, I need keto offers” – and you work for a company with keto offers – someone else should be able to go “Talk to Jane! They’ve got a great offer!”. We can’t do the if we don’t know you. And we won’t remember you if we don’t see you, talk to you, read you.
  5. Numbers matter. Repeat: NUMBERS MATTER A LOT. Know your numbers. If your company doesn’t know their numbers, then YOU work your tail off, learn, ask, find out how to bring them along until you do. The better you know the numbers, the happier your affiliates/partners will be because you can pay them *MORE*. Don’t get overwhelmed by the acronyms and formulas – ask someone to help. If *I* can learn this crap, so can you!
  6. Keep your word. If you say you’re going to do something – do it. If you can’t do it – be proactive and reach out and let the other party know why and find a way to make it right.
  7. Don’t ever forget how many of us know each other. If you eff up (and you will! We all do!) OWN IT. Don’t justify it, don’t explain it, don’t ignore it. Own it, apologize and don’t do it again. That is respected by everyone. Because I promise you, nothing is secret in this space. How you handle your mistakes is 100 times more important than the fact you made a mistake in the first place.
  8. GET TO KNOW PEOPLE! I say this all the time, but I wish more people would listen. I was told by someone today how they got on a meeting and the other person was like “Oh, I just wanted to touch base and see how your meeting went with X! They’ll take good care of you!” (the entire meeting lasted 3 minutes) What a tragic loss of an opportunity!
    1. In this space we make MILLIONS based on relationships. There are a handful of partners we have amazing relationships with (both biz and personal) and if they ask us to test or help or for a referral or advice, whatever – we are right there (and vice versa).
    2. Relationships are the bedrock of almost everything we do. From formulating offers, to tweaking them, testing them, finding service providers, getting advice/input, and even some of our recreational ‘downtime’.
    3. Business is important, but don’t forget the human(s) behind the business – get to know those humans. Relationships = Dollars!
  9. find offers, find partners, get projects off the ground, etc. Some of these tools include
    1.  This group (be active, take the first 15-20 minutes of your morning and last 15-20 minutes of your afternoon – and read the posts. Comment where you can, refer others when you can, be seen, get known, make money).
    2. Set up 3-5 meetings a week – even with the copywriters or people you don’t think you have anything in common with. I started doing it that way (after starting off ‘cherry picking’ folks I thought matched what we needed) and met with a copywriter – just to get to know them. No other reason, I don’t need a copywriter, after all. A week later, that copywriter sent an intro email to a partner I’d never heard of that he thought would be a great fit for us. That choice to meet and get to know EVERYONE turned into $$$$.
    3. FB friend request people in our space. Pay attention when they post, like the pics of their dogs, their kids, their new house. Get to know them – Relationships = Dollars!
    4. Follow them on other social media sites.
    5. Pick a day a month for ‘catch up day’. The day where you shoot a really quick email just to say “Hey, was thinking about you and wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. Anything interesting going on? Enjoying your (summer, winter, et)? Hope you’re well – would love to chat sometime soon when you have time” – This is a great thing to do with your existing partners – even the ones not actively mailing. ESPECIALLY the ones not actively mailing.
    6. Go to shows if you can – nothing replaces face to face
  10. Never stop learning. Never stop asking. And pay it forward, give back, whichever the case may be – by helping others whenever you can. Givers DO win. Nice guys DO finish first. And I’d rather be remembered for trying to help whenever possible than almost anything else.

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